A Way To Embodied Transformation


Are you unable to express how you feel, or to describe how you experience life? Does it seem like you are just a spectator in your life and you have no real contact with the people around you? Do you keep discovering the same behavior in yourself, and still feel unable to change anything? Are you dealing with physical complaints that you cannot explain? The body- oriented individual sessions, workshops and training courses of Puretobelong can offer you a solution! Together with you we look at how we can stimulate your personal growth and personal development.


There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy

(Friedrich Nietzsche)


Our core values



We offer you a safe place where you are seen and heard. You can be you here, just the way you are. Because you feel safe, you dare to confront yourself here.

Loving confrontation

We are happy to help you by holding a mirror for you. In order to feel complete again you are lovengly challenged to face the hidden by stepping out of that which feels familiar and safe.


We support you in accepting yourself with everything that belongs to you. By learning self-compassion you can face everything: what hurts you, what makes you angry, what makes you love, what makes you happy.


Marjorie Spaargaren

‘Nowadays when I walk on the street and the sun is shining, I look at people, I make eye contact, I smile ... I feel connected with people and with myself. I feel real and so much more at ease among people. Even during challenging of times. Connected I feel so much ‘richer’ in my life. I wish the same to other people too.’

Tamara Rogic

‘Now, fifteen years later, I can say that every individual therapy session , every workshop and every program on- and offline I attended have brought me here where I am now: I feel the sense of belonging in the world because I feel that I belong to myself. I have arrived home.'

This is what bodywork can do for you

  • You are able feel better that what bothers you as well as articulate what you need
  • You energy level increases, you feel better about yourself
  • Your relationships deepen becasue you are more connected with yourself and others
  • You feel more confident and passionate about life

We are here to help you, so that you can relax and come back home to yourself.

Happiness comes and goes. Fulfillment lasts. Fulfillment comes from relationships, belonging, and purpose

(Aditya Kalita)



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